Heathwood Hall
Film-making: Part I AND Part II
7/9/2018 - 7/20/2018
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Grades 9 - 12
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This filmmaking course is a trip through the world of cinema that will take participants through several short jewels of early cinema (which by now are more than 120 years old!) as well as more recent classic movies. In week one, participants will watch movies from directors like the Lumière brothers, Charles Chaplin, and Steven Spielberg, paying close attention to the basic elements of cinematic language (storytelling, lighting, acting, editing...), discussing them with each other, and making practical filming exercises. With the fresh insights and tools learned during these sessions of active watching, participants will begin planning their short film or documentary and, in week two, put their ideas into practice by working together as a film crew: they will draft a rough script, arrange the logistics of filming, get behind the camera lens to shoot, and finally edit their opera prima, which will premiere in a small, private ceremony on the last day of camp. All those who want to get an overview of the history of cinema, sharpen their senses to better appreciate this art form, and shoot their first short film are welcome on board.

The films will be submitted for evaluation and participants will receive a final grade according to three criteria. (1) Engagement in class: active participation in classroom discussions and in the camp´s filming exercises is important insofar as it means that participants have found a way to enjoy and take advantage of the course. (2) Acquaintance with the basic elements of cinematic technique and language: the main purpose of this course is to introduce participants to the world of cinema both through watching and doing; students will be encouraged to apply in their own film some of the tools they learned from attentively watching classic movies and their project will be graded with this in mind. (3) Teamwork: to give one´s best for a collective work is its own reward and no film is the product of a single individual; the commitment to work together, orderly and with good disposition, will have a special weight in each participant´s final grade.

Students will be awarded EITHER a half credit of Fine Arts, OR a half credit of Technology upon successful completion of this course. Attendance is mandatory for all ten class periods.
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