Heathwood Hall
Class 220 Mythology Dual Credit
6/12/2018 - 6/21/2018
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Grades 11 - 12
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Zeus, Hera, Hercules. Achilles, Odyssey, Helen. Do you have an interest in ancient Greek mythology? Do you want to learn more about the creation, production, and dissemination of many foundational myths in European culture? During the Summer of 2018, you will be introduced the denizens of ancient Greek myths. From Alpha to Omega, you will learn how people have crafted and shaped myths to reflect their own understanding of the world. You will learn from the primary sources themselves, in the translations of the works from Homer, Hesiod, and Euripides. And you will learn how we continue to design and perpetuate myths today.
In this course, there will be no worksheets, quizzes, or tests. Instead, you will be asked to submit a small project for every class as well as a short (500 word) reflection on your process. After we ground ourselves in the Grecian geography with interactive maps built on Google, we will spend the first week focusing on the effects of written representation. You will be asked to compose a poem, write a letter in the manner of the Heroides, and design a game (card, board, etc.) for a particular Grecian myth. For the next class, we will learn how oral traditions and recitations affect the transmission of myths, and you will recite a story aloud and compose a song with music. Then, we will turn to the physical representation of myth, in which you will be asked to sketch a large scene for wall art, design and put together a mosaic, and craft a scene via a diorama. The final third of this course will be conducted online via discussion forums, project submissions, and peer review. We will look at modern representations of myth, including movies and video games, and you will be asked to design a social media profile for a god/goddess or hero/heroine as well as shoot and edit your own short video. In lieu of a traditional final exam, your final project will be a portfolio in which you organize your thoughts and reflections from the semester into a cohesive narrative that outlines how your thinking about myths has changed.

Through a special partnership with USC Sumter, students now have the opportunity to take summer courses for university credit on the campus of Heathwood Hall. Unlike AP courses, in which students take a standardized test for the possibility of earning credit, these summer courses allow students who pass them to finish high school with transferable University of South Carolina credit in hand.
$200 registration fee per course
$285 tuition per course*
*Students who attempt two dual credit courses will be eligible to take both courses tuition free. Students who attempt only one class will be responsible for the $285 tuition fee, due directly to USC Sumter.
In order to enroll in this program, students must meet the following requirements:
• Successful completion of 10th grade
• Proof of South Carolina citizenship
• A SCUGS GPA of 3.0 or higher
• Either a composite ACT of 19 or higher or a combined PSAT of 900 or higher
For more information about the program, contact the Upper School Academic Dean, Lisa Norman (normanl@heathwood.org) or the Upper School Head, George Scouten (scouteng@heathwood.org).
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