Heathwood Hall
Future Chess Masters (all levels) Camp Week 2
6/11/2018 - 6/15/2018
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Grades 2 - 12
Registration for this session is no longer available
Chess is the ideal game for the young mind! First and foremost, chess is fun! Secondly, chess helps improve critical thinking, perserverance, concentration, and increases self-confidence. Campers will receive personalized feedback and instruction suited to their level. Some highlights of this camp will be group problem solving, playing "guess the move", and competing in a camp tournament. Director Sam Copeland is a master, currently ranked #1 in S.C., and a patient and gifted instructor. His students and their parents give him rave reviews. Parents of younger students (5K and 1st grade) who are interested in this camp may contact Mr. Copeland (strategerycg@gmail.com) for more information. The advanced chess camp is an intensive (and fun!) opportunity for the top young chess players in S.C. to hone their growing skills with master Sam Copeland, the top-rated player in SC. For the advanced camp, students should have prior tournament experience. If you aren't sure if the advanced camp is right for your child, please contact Mr. Copeland (strategerycg@gmail.com).
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Lunch Care for All-Day Campers
After Class to 6 p.m. - Full Week+ $75.00  
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