Heathwood Hall
Wonder League Worldwide Robotics Competition
9/18/2017 - 2/18/2018
3:05 PM - 4:00 PM
Ages 9 - 12
Registration for this session is no longer available
Coding is the new team sport for future tech leaders and innovators. This year, teams of students between the ages 9 - 12 will participate in three rounds of missions over a five-month period to become eligible for a Wonder Workshop sponsored Invitational Round in Spring 2018. Teams will design solutions for real-world science and technology challenges by programming robots, “Dash” & “Dot.” They will develop problem-solving and creativity skills while building meaningful relationships with their peers and having fun! Plus they will display their scientific thinking through authentic journaling. Encourage 21st-century learning, develop computational thinking skills, build teamwork and community spirit, compete from anywhere in the world, submit all entries online, have a blast! This club will meet in Heathwood’s brand new Maker Space and be led by Upper School technology instructor, Tom Simpson. There are three rounds of challenges to complete, then a final invitational round in March. Bonus: teams don’t have to travel to compete, because they submit their solutions in a video! Teams have a chance to win real prizes, grants for the school, and world-wide recognition!

Important information: To be eligible for a 9-12 team, team members have to be turning 9 and/or turning no older than 13 as of Sept. 1, 2017-Aug. 31, 2018.
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