Pirates July 18-23
Shiver me timbers, matey! I see an adventure a-brewin’ on the horizon. This is one of our most unique camps where kids will dress, talk, and role play like pirates. Campers will participate in treasure hunts, play fencing, walk the plank, eat interesting piratey foods, and sleep under the stars for a night. Arrrrr you ready to give up being a land lubber and come be a pirate for a week? The adventure awaits...
7/18/2021 3:00 PM - 7/23/2021 3:00 PM
Grades 3rd - 5th
Pricing is determined by tier selected
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Tiered Pricing Selection
Tier I
This is the lowest rate and is the subsidized rate Camp Wyoming has historically offered. This price does not reflect what it costs to run a summer camp program.
+ $475.00
Tier II
This is a partially subsidized rate for families who wish to pay a little more and help support the Camp Wyoming ministry but cannot afford the full price of camp.
+ $525.00
Tier III
This rate most closely reflects what it costs for us to run a summer camp program at Camp Wyoming, including facility upkeep and maintenance, staffing, utilities, and equipment.
+ $575.00
Church Pays Part of Camp Fees
Some churches agree to pay some or all of the camp fees for kids in their congregations. If your church has agreed to pay part of your camp fee, choose the name of the church below and change the dollar amount in the box provided to reflect what your church will pay.
Full Week Scholarship
Camp Wyoming has limited need-based scholarships available to help make camp financially possible for every child who wishes to come to camp. You may only request a Camp Wyoming Scholarship if you choose the Tier I price for your camp session.
Family Discount for Multiple Children
Additional children from the same family who attend Camp Wyoming receive discounts.