Rainbow Retreat - MB
Moon Beach has a long history of family camping hosted in the beauty and solitude of Wisconsin’s Northwoods. Families of all definitions — traditional families, extended family groups, couples, singles and many other nontraditional family groups continue to gather for rejuvenation, relaxation, fun and fellowship.

Year-round, Moon Beach is an open and affirming community and our Rainbow Retreat is a special time at Moon Beach for LGBTQ+ persons and families who would like to connect with those who have shared lived experience. This multigenerational retreat is for families, couples and singles who are wanting to enjoy God and creation with God’s people of all gender expressions and sexual orientations. Allies welcome! 
Moon Beach
8/27/2021 3:00 PM - 8/29/2021 11:00 AM
Ages 2-3 $51.00, Ages 4-11 $160.00, Ages 12+ $195.00
This session has openings
Registration will end on 8/15/2021.