At KiDS NEED M♥RE we believe that families coping with cancer and life-threatening illness deserve opportunities to enjoy normal day-to-day activities. For over 25 years, through the historic  Camp Adventure program, our volunteers have provided fun activities that foster peer relationships, independence and respite. We believe that fun & friendship heals.

Our programs and activities are designed to unite siblings and allow parents time for respite. We create networks with other families that are facing similar experiences.

Saddle Rock Volunteer
7/9/2018 - 7/27/2018
Ages 14 and up
Volunteers Needed of All Ages
Registration for this session is no longer available
Saddle Rock Ranch is located in Middle Island. This beautiful facility set near the green hills of Miller Place, has a small and large animal farm. Chickens, goats, and bunny rabbits just to name a few. The most magnificent animals are the horses, many that were rescued.

The campers at the club are ages 4 - 14. The campers come from all walks of life. It is provided at no cost to campers who are coping with cancer or life-threatening illness.

Volunteers can begin as leaders in training begin at age 14.
We recruit volunteers, starting at age 17 as counselors, sport instructors, arts & craft leaders, STEM project facilitators and all around wonderful people who want to create a summer of fun. Part-time and flexible hours are accepted.

Volunteers for Saddle Rock Ranch Day Club are subject to additional training dates. They are welcome to ride our buses that leave from:
Amityville, Central Islip and Patchogue areas.

There is no cost to volunteer. We are seeking nurses and medical professionals and have a stipend available for these special skills.


With the help of wonderful people, like YOU, we are able to provide programs where children, families & young adults coping with cancer and life-threatening illness can celebrate life in a safe and positive environment.

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