City Builders: Myths & Legends
Our world is shaped by the myths we share. From the ideals that ground our culture, to the monuments we build, we are all an extension of our idealized past. But, what if you got to decide the stories, and how we felt about them? In City Builders: Myths and Legends, we will develop a society from the ground up. We get to decide what values we love, how to represent them, and maybe (just maybe) build a monument or two that stretches from the floor of our space to the very ceiling itself. Do you like to build, be creative, and be the supreme decider of all in a collaborative fashion? Then City Builders is for you.
6/24/2024 - 6/28/2024
Grades 4th - 5th

Registration will end on 6/20/2024 at 5:00 PM.
Summer Pass Bump Up
Upon purchasing 6 weeks of camp you will be automatically bumped up to receive a 7th week free of charge. Camps do not have to be reserved in consecutive order.