Seasonal Wonders
Picture this: the best of each season, all in one week! Welcome to the Seasonal Wonders Camp, where each day brings a unique adventure through the enchanting tapestry of the four seasons! Immerse yourself in the magic of spring, bask in the warmth of summer, revel in the vibrant colors of fall, and experience the festive wonderland of winter. Step into a creatively decorated classroom that breathes life into each season.
During our Winter sessions, we'll craft our very own snow globes and snowmen. Spring will bloom with a butterfly garden and captivating rainy day umbrella art. Summer brings the chance to create a beach in a bottle and indulge in water balloon painting. As Autumn arrives, we'll carve pumpkins and bob for apples. Join us as we celebrate the best of each season through exploration, artistic expression, imagination, and pure fun!
8/5/2024 - 8/9/2024
Grades Kindergarten - 1st
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Summer Pass Bump Up
Upon purchasing 6 weeks of camp you will be automatically bumped up to receive a 7th week free of charge. Camps do not have to be reserved in consecutive order.