Garden Makers
Welcome to Garden Makers Camp! Get ready for a summer overflowing with creative colors, captivating discoveries, and loads of fun! Let's explore enchanting gardens and engage in fun hands-on art activities. Join us as we learn about the many wondrous gardens from around the world, and craft awesome decorations for our own outdoor spaces. From wind chimes that dance in the breeze to super cool bird feeders for our feathered friends, we’ll transform our gardens into sensational wonderlands. It doesn’t stop there - we’ll also take our artistic exploration outdoors and learn how to make interesting artworks using natural materials. Come with us as we collect leaves, petals, and twigs to make unique collages and experiment with painting. Time to put on your gardening gloves and grab a paintbrush because an adventure awaits!
8/5/2024 - 8/9/2024
Grades Kindergarten - 1st
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Summer Pass Bump Up
Upon purchasing 6 weeks of camp you will be automatically bumped up to receive a 7th week free of charge. Camps do not have to be reserved in consecutive order.