Bake It & Decorate It! (Week 7: 8/16-8/20 AM) VERMONT ST. P
Get ready to get creative in the kitchen! Learn to make baked goods of all kinds from scratch, and then turn them into works of art. We'll spend the week learning basic baking skills, making familiar treats and experimenting with new recipes, as well as trying out different decorating techniques. We may even visit the OES garden and woods to find fruits to bake with. And best of all, you’ll have treats to take home!

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Lunch will be provided for AM camp participants. Bon Appetit manages the OES Dining Hall and specializes in fresh, local ingredients. Please see the Summer Lunch tab or for more information.
8/16/2021 - 8/20/2021
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Grades Primary - 3rd
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