Dungeons & Dragons Storytelling (WK 6: 8/9-8/13 AM)
Did you know that you can power a couch with a potato? I sure didn’t, but my players made it work. If that kind of ingenuity sounds right up your alley, then D&D might just be for you! In Dungeons and Dragons, kids create their own character and use it to (NOT destroy peace and civilizations) save the world. However, only by working together can they achieve their goal. Wilst thou save the world, or sink it under the weight of a thousand wolverines? The choice is yours in D&D.

Dungeons and Dragons is a cooperative role playing game, practicing teamwork, basic math fluency, and reading skills.

Teacher: Austin Schock
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Lunch will be provided for AM camp participants. Bon Appetit manages the OES Dining Hall and specializes in fresh, local ingredients. Please see the Summer Lunch tab or for more information.
8/9/2021 - 8/13/2021
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Grades 3rd - 6th
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