Coding (WK5-PM-7/20-7/24)
7/20/2020 - 7/24/2020
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Grades 5th - 9th
This session has openings. Registration for this session will end on 8/21/2020.
In this week long camp, students will learn basic coding principles that make up one very specific type of game known as a platformer. Platformers are familiar to many, with the most famous being Super Mario Brothers, as well as being a very popular type of game today. Students will learn how to simulate gravity, how to jump from one platform to another, and how to maneuver through the game so that they do not walk through walls. Using the traditional platformer, students will also learn how to create a scrolling platformer, which will allow a single player to stay centered in the screen having the world scroll around instead. The third type of platformer students will also learn is how to build bigger world platforms while scrolling through the world thus allowing for a bigger game. Students who learn how to make a platformer will learn a lot of about math, physics, logic, and coding as well as have fun making a very popular type of game.

Teacher: Engineering for Kids - Click Here for Bio

ll students attending Before/After camp, AM and PM camps will be transitioned under staff supervision.
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