2024 Momentum Youth Conference Child Caregiver
**Please Note** As of June 15, anyone registering should be prepared they may be issued an air mattress by the University. This is due to the volume of registrations received before June 15.

**Also, we will be closing registration on Wednesday, July 10. If you are a student needing to register after this date, please contact the Registrar at registrar@buildmomentum.org.

Child Caregivers are adults who attend Momentum Youth Conference for the purpose of caring for children of youth workers or staff. Registration only includes lodging and the meals of lunch and dinner. Breakfast can be purchased separately. Children and Child Caregivers are not admitted into the main floor of Main Sessions, training tracks, youth worker labs, or Staff Meetings and will be housed separately from youth groups and student housing.
Momentum Youth Conference
7/16/2024 - 7/21/2024
Eligible Ages:
Ages 18 and up
$285 if registered by June 15
Registration is no longer available
Youth Conference Adult Early Rate
Discount for adults and volunteers who register before June 15.