Frequently Asked Questions

Arrival and Departure info

Q:Can I bring my child to camp earlier than the specified time?
A:Our staff has many duties the opening day of camp, which require them to be stationed in different areas of the camp. Children may not be left at camp unsupervised;therefore we would appreciate your cooperation in following our schedule. Please be mindful of the times scheduled for check in. Registrars are busy receiving last minute instructions and setting up their work spaces; and may not be able to assist you until check in officially begins.

Camp meals

Q:What are camp meals like at Rivercrest?
A:We believe that our camp meals are some of the best and tastiest around! Three full meals are offered each day, including plenty of thirst quenching drinks from our drink section. Each meal is served hot and fresh, including a salad bar with lunch and dinner. Each evening, a snack is also available to each camper.

Communication with campers

Q:Will my child be able to contact me from camp?
A:We encourage campers to send letters to communicate with parents while they are at camp. So, we recommend sending self addressed, stamped envelopes, pen and paper to camp with your child.

Please do not send cell phones to camp with campers. Camp Rivercrest tries to provide an environment away from everyday routines where campers can focus on camp activities, lessons and building new relationships. If counselors are aware of cell phone use by campers, the phones are confiscated and turned into the office until the end of the camp session. Counselors DO carry cell phones in order to communicate with camp staff only when necessary.

Financial Aid

Q:What is Financial Aid?
A:Camp Rivercrest has established a financial aid fund from generous donations of individuals and churches in order to assist families of campers who need some financial assistance. Financial Aid is for individuals who would benefit from a summer camp experience at Rivercrest but would otherwise not be able to afford the camp fees due to financial hardship.

Medical information

Q:I don't have my child's immunization records, are they necessary?
A:Yes, it is important that we have a copy of the immunization records of each child who attends camp. You may either fill the dates of immunizations out online during registration, have your childs physician fax a copy to our office (FAX -402-628-6035) or mail them to our office. We MUST have a copy prior to your child's arrival at camp.

Exemptions: If your child is exempt from immunizations for health reasons, we must have a written statement from your physician. If you do not have your child vaccinated for religious reasons, there is a place to sign for this exemption on your online registration form.

Please note: Any children who are not immunized, or do not have proof of immunizations, will be sent home( for their own protection) if a contagious outbreak occurs among campers or staff of a virus which is usually prevented by immunizations.

Retreat Information

Q:Please call our office if you have questions regarding our Camp Rivercrest Retreats
A:If you are coming as a guest of a church, organization or family event, please call the leadership or planners of your event for information.

Summer Registration

Q:If a session is full, how can I get my child on a waiting list?
A:When a session is full, you will be prompted (when making your online reservation) to choose to be on a waiting list. No deposit is necessary to join a waiting list, but you must follow the prompts to choose the session and the child's name you would like to place on the waiting list. Once there is an opening for your child, you have 48 hours to complete a reservation., including payment. If you join a waiting list and decide not to stay on the list please do let us know so that we can offer another child space on the waiting list.

Q:Must I register my child for camp online?
A:Yes, go to our website: 1. Create an account (if you do not already have one).
2. Add all family members to your account.
3. Make a reservation for individuals who want to attend.
4. Fill out on line form completely for each camper.
5. Pay at least a $50 minimum deposit by e-check or credit card ($25 for Overnight session).
6. You will receive an emailed confirmation immediately after completing the online form.

Q:My daughter has older friends attending camp- can she attend their session?
A:Camp sessions are designed for particular age groups. The materials, activities, guest speakers, and discussion topics for each age group can vary. For this reason, we discourage parents from signing their children up for sessions that they may be too young or too old to fit in well. You may email or phone our office to make a request for an alternate camp session. You will be asked your child's birth-date, grade, and maturity level before a decision can be made.

Q:My friend's son would like to attend camp- can I just add him to my family's account?
A:No. Each family must have their own account and give permission for only their own children to attend camp.

Q:What if I can't afford to pay the full balance by the due date?
A:Balances that are not paid by the final due date (which is 14 days prior to the camp session) are subject to a $20 Late Processing Fee. We accept Visa, Discover, and MasterCard on our website, or please call our office to make arrangements for payment prior to your campers arrival. In some instances, financial assistance is also available for those who qualify.

Q:When is the balance due?
A:All balances are due at least 14 days prior to the beginning of each session. For example, if you child's session begins on June 16th, his/her session balance is due no later than June 2nd AT 5 PM. There is a $20 Late Processing Fee for each session that is paid after the due date.

If a reservation is made with only a minimal nonrefundable deposit, (and no further payments have been made), the reservation may be canceled 12 days before the session begins in order to make space for other campers.

Arrival and Departure info

Q:Can I check my camper in later than the specified time?
A:Late check ins the first day of camp are discouraged. Our staff have busy schedules in order to get everyone settled in the first day. If you MUST arrive late to camp, please call our office in advance to make arrangements for late check in.

If your child must leave camp for an appointment or sporting event, you MUST get permission from the Camp Director in advance. We discourage having campers leave more than once during the camp session.
For campers leaving and returning during a session, no late check ins are accepted after 9 pm-please notify our office that your child will not return the same day, and plan to bring your child to camp the following day after 9:00 am.

Camp Discounts

Q:How can my child qualify for a Multi-Week discount?
A:If you register your child for 2 weeks of the same session of camp (example: Junior 1 and Junior 2), he/she automatically receives $50 off of the 2nd week of camp.

Q:If I register my daughter for camp now, and she finds a friend to invite later- can she still qualify for the Bring A Friend discount?
A:Yes, as long as your daughter has attended at least one Rivercrest camp session in the past, the 'friend' is new to Rivercrest's Summer Camp program and is attending the same session as your daughter.

You must notify our office (by email or phone) in order to add additional "Friends" at least one week before her camp session begins in order for each girl to receive credit. The "Friend"s parent will also need to verify this by phone or email before the discount can be given.

Q:What are the rules for the Bring A Friend discounts?
A:1. Campers who are "bringing" a friend must be returning campers to Rivercrest, who have attended at least one summer camp session in the past.
2. Campers who are "being brought" must not have attended Rivercrest's Summer Camp programs in the past.
3. 'Bring A Friend' campers must both be attending the same session.
4. Campers must 'claim' each other during the registration process, or if they register at different times, let our office know whom is bringing whom before the session begins.
5. A camper cannot be used or claimed more than once or by more than one camper. A camper cannot claim both "I am bringing" and "I am being brought by".
6. A sibling may not be used for the Bring a Friend discounts.
7. CITs and LITs do not qualify for the Bring a Friend discount, nor can they be used to receive a Bring a Friend discount.
8. The Bring A Friend discount cannot be combined with the Family discount- only one discount applies.

Please note: All Bring A Friend discounts must be approved by our office and will show as 'pending' on your statement until approved.

Q:What is the Paid in Full discount?
A:The Paid in Full discount is a 10% discount off of the price of Summer Camp sessions. This discount is available for those who register online between November 27th, 2017 and January 31st, 2018, AND pay in full at the time of registration.

Q:Who qualifies for a 'Family Discount"?
A:Families with more than one child may qualify for a Family Discount.
1 .The first child must pay full price, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th child receives a $25 discount.
2. This discount cannot be combined with a Bring A friend discount.
3. CITs and LITs do not qualify for the Family Discount, nor can they be used to receive a Family discount.

Please note: Family discounts must be approved by our office and show as 'pending' on your statement until approved.

Communication with campers

Q:Can I visit my camper while she is at camp?
A:For the protection and safety of all our campers, Camp Rivercrest has a closed-door policy during camp sessions. All visitors MUST have prior permission from the Camp Director, check in at the office upon arriving, and wear an identifying camp lanyard while on the camp premises. We DO encourage parents to stay awhile when dropping your child off at camp. Meet his/her counselor, tour the grounds and meet our wonderful staff!

Financial Aid

Q:Who can apply for financial aid?
A:Anyone can apply for financial aid in order to get assistance with sending a child to camp. If you are not the child's parent or legal guardian, please be sure you receive permission for this child to attend camp before applying for financial aid.

Summer Registration

Q:Can I transfer my child to a different session?
A:Yes, however you need to contact our office to do so. Be aware that any Bring A Friend discounts may no longer be valid for your child or his/her friend if you change sessions. Transfers cannot be done into sessions that are full.
There are costs to camp when transfers are done: a $10 Transfer Fee applies per child/per session to help cover these costs.

Q:I have not received an emailed confirmation- what does this mean?
A:Once you have made an online reservation, you should immediately receive an email. If you did not, please check your SPAM or Junkmail Box. To avoid missing our communications about Camp, please add us to your email contacts. Our email address is:

Please note: You must complete the entire registration process, including payment, in order to secure your reservation.

Arrival and Departure info

Q:Can I have a friend or relative transport my child to camp?
A:Yes, as long as we have the signatures that are required on registration forms and your account is paid in full, you can have your child transported by a person you know and trust.

Q:Can my teenager drive himself to camp?
A:Yes, campers who are legally able to drive themselves to camp may, however once they reach the grounds, their counselor will collect their car keys and keep them safe during the entire camp session. Campers who drive are not allowed to leave camp for any reason during a camp session unless a parent gives advanced permission to a Camp Director.

Q:What if I need to pick my child up early from camp?
A:If you know (when you check in the first day of camp) that you will be picking your child up early, please let the registrar know and he/she will notate your account. If you do not have prior notice, please let our office staff know at least 2 hours prior to your arrival so that we can have your child ready and waiting in the camp office (in the Welcome Center). Please DO NOT go to your child's cabin or activity to get them. A parent (account holder) or authorized pick up person MUST sign your child out at the office before they can leave the camp property.

Camp meals

Q:What if my camper needs a special diet?
A:Although Camp Rivercrest cannot provide meals based on your child's meal preferences, we offer a variety of foods for each meal. If your child has special diet needs due to medical reasons, please be sure that you include this information on his/her health history form. Please see the Document Center of your account for specific information regarding food allergies and food substitutions for your child.
If you would like to discuss your child's nutritional needs, please call our office 402-628-6465

Q:Where can I get a meal menu for my child's session?
A:Please call or email our office (402)-628-6465 and we will email a copy to you. A session menu is available approximately two weeks prior to a session. Menus are subject to change without prior notice due to unavailability at the time we place our food order.

Communication with campers

Q:How can I email my camper?
A:You can use our one-way email system through our website Go to the Summer Camps registration area, click on the link and log-in using your user name and password, then chose the 'email a camper' icon in the left column. Follow the instructions provided. There is a small fee for this service. Please do not send emails to our general email address. Emails are delivered to counselors to hand out to campers once daily (at noon).

Medical information

Q:Can my child attend camp if he/she has been ill?
A:Your child must be well (no fever, vomiting or other symptoms) for at least 24 hours before he/she can come to camp. Children that arrive at camp and show signs of illness may be asked to leave and return after receiving medical treatment and/or a doctor's permission.

Q:What if my child becomes ill while at camp?
A:Camp Rivercrest has an excellent medical professional on staff for each session. Please let your child know he/she can and should tell his/her counselor first, and then go to the Health Station if they become ill while at camp. (Young campers will be escorted to the Health Station).

The medical professional is responsible for dispensing all medications (with the exception of inhalers, epi-pens). Our medical staff will make every effort to contact parents in the event of a serious illness or accident.

Q:What if my child wets the bed at camp?
A:Our counselors are taught to be discrete about bed-wetting and will make every effort not to embarrass or let other campers know this happened.Let your child know if this were to happen during camp,he/she should tell the counselor as soon as possible.

Camp Rivercrest staff will wash and dry or provide clean bedding- while all of his/her cabinmates are out of their cabin area so that your son or daughter have clean bedding when they return to their cabin.

Arrival and Departure info

Q:Can I have a friend or relative pick my child up from camp?
A:Yes, but we need permission in advance to release your child to another adult. Please fill out the Authorized Pickups area of your child's registration form, and phone our office staff in advance of the persons arrival to pick up your child. (An exception would be high school camp sessions when campers are licensed drivers and are responsible for their own transportation.)

Cabinmate Requests

Q:Can my child request cabinmates?
A:Yes, if your child has a cabin mate request, be sure to fill in the space (either online or on the paper form) regarding his/her choices. Each camper may only make 2 requests.

Although we cannot guarantee cabin mate requests, all efforts are made to accomodate campers' choices. Campers who choose each other and those who register early have the best opportunity to be in the same cabin as their requested cabin mates.

Requests for changes to in cabin mate preferences must be made at least one week prior to the start of a camp session.

Q:If my child is receiving a "Bring A Friend" discount , does that mean her friend will automatically be in the same cabin?
A:No, the Cabin Mate request is separate from the Bring A Friend request and must be entered into the appropriate area of the registration form in order for this to happen.

Q:What if my child invites a new camper after he/she has already registered for camp?
A:Once you have registered, either on-line or by mail, you will need to phone our camp office to have your camper's account updated with the new cabin-mate request. If your child already has 2 cabin mate requests, you will be asked to remove one request in order to add another.

Please note that cabin-mate requests cannot usually be changed during the check in process at camp, or less than 1 week prior to a camp session due to limited cabin space available.

Communication with campers

Q:Can our friends and relatives send email to our camper?
A:Yes, there are instructions in your Parent Information Packet, which you received by email upon registration- to be able to assign a password of your choice to others so that they may access only the email part of your account. You will need to have the email address of each person before you begin the process of giving them access. Please note: Those you choose to give access to this service must pay separately for emails, it does not pay directly from your account.

Financial Aid

Q:How can I apply for Financial Aid to help send my child to camp?

Please submit ALL of the following items in order to be considered for assistance:

1. Completed Summer Camp online Registration form
2. Session Deposit of $50 for each child ($25 for Overnighter camp session). Pay by e-check or credit card.
3. Completed Financial Aid form (Applications for Financial Assistance are available in the document center of your Camp Rivercrest account page. You may choose to fill the application out online or there is a printable version as well. You may also request an application by mail or email.)

If you have questions about Financial Assistance, please contact our office at 402-628-6465 or email us:

Medical information

Q:How does the camp help with my child's special diet needs?
A: For information about campers with special diet needs, please read the document entitled "Food Allergies" in our document center.

Financial Aid

Q:How long is the waiting period once I apply for Financial Aid?
A:Please allow up to 3 weeks to process your application. We will notify you by mail, email, or by phone with the results of your application.

Hint: Register and apply for Financial Aid early! Limited funds are available and are dependent on the amount of donations we receive.

Q:What happens if I can't accept the amount of Financial Aid or need to cancel?
A:If, after you receive approval, you decline to accept the financial aid, please notify us in writing within 14 days of receiving the approval. You will receive a refund for the $50 deposit.

Medical information

Q:What about "homesickness"?
A:Our staff is always on the alert for signs of "homesick" campers. We strongly discourage parents from calling their children while at camp, or calls from campers to parents, which can often make the situation worse.

We treat each case individually and do our best to help campers gain confidence in their ability to stay at camp for the duration. However, there are times when a phone call home makes all of the difference. Our camp Medical Staff and Camp Director generally make these decisions.

Snack Shack !

Q:Can I add money to the Snack Shack while my child is at camp?
A:Yes, because we implemented a new Point of Sale system, you can add, or monitor what your child has purchased, and what his/her balance is, in the Snack Shack.

Q:Can leftover Snack Shack cards be transferred to a sibling?
A:Yes, however at this time, you must request that this be done. Please contact our office if you would like money transferred to a sibling.

Q:Can my camper use cash at the Snack Shack?
A:Yes, however we encourage the use of our pre-purchased snack shack money, so there is less chance for cash to be misplaced or stolen. Plus, your child can go swimming at our pool without worrying about a place to keep their money safe and dry while they swim.

Q:How will my child know he/she has snack shack money to spend?
A:Parents are responsible for letting their camper know they have snack shack money to spend. Our new Point of Sale system keeps track of every item purchased, and campers can ask for their balance at the Snack Shack.

Q:What happens to any leftover Snack Shack card money at the end of the season?
A:After your child's session, his/her leftover Snack Shack money will be credited to your account. You have a choice during the registration process, to receive a refund if the amount is $10 or more OR Donate your credit to our Financial Assistance Fund.

Please note: Snack Shack credits of less than $10 are automatically donated to our Financial Assistance Fund.

Q:What items are sold in the Snack Shack?
A:The Snack Shack is stocked with a variety of drinks (75 cents to $2.50) , candy (25 cents to $1), and Camp Rivercrest souvenirs and clothing ($3 to $25).

Q:When is the Snack Shack open?
A:The Snack Shack is open during check in and the last day of camp when you arrive to pick up your child. It is also open daily for campers during "free time" and/or pool hours. Please note: The Snack Shack does not accept credit cards or checks.

Financial Aid

Q:How can I contribute to the Financial Aid Fund?
A:We always welcome contributions! You can make a donation by setting up automatic payments (or a one-time payment) on your Camp Rivercrest online account. Or, mail us a check and write a memo for the funds to be added to our Financial Aid Fund.

Another great way to donate is to attend our annual Wild Game Feed, raffle and auction in the Spring each year. If you would like more information or would like to make reservations, please call our office at 402-628-6465.

Packing List

Q:Do you have any packing tips?
* Label EVERYTHING with your camper's name
* Pack clothing in a soft-sided duffel type bag. These will fit under the beds more easily.
* Leave valuables at home!
* Pack all bedding, pillows, etc. in a large clear plastic bag. Your child will find everything he/she brought to camp easier upon arrival at camp; plus if it is raining or muddy, everything will stay dry.

Q:What should my child bring to camp?
A:* Bible, notebook, pens
* Bed roll or sleeping bag and pillow
* Soap, toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo, etc.
* Beach towel, bath towel(s), wash cloth(s)
* Medications- must be in original RX bottles with clear directions (preferable in a ziplock bag)
* Sunscreen and bug repellant
* Closed toed shoes (activities) and slip-ons (pool area)
* Sweatshirt or light jacket (for cool mornings)
* Jeans (required for some activities)
* Clothes (without defensive writing or advertising)
* Swim suit (modest-no two piece unless it covers the tummy)
* Raingear, clothes and shoes (that can get muddy)
* Flashlight and extra batteries
* Camera and extra batteries
* Extra money (or put money in his/her snack shack account))
* Stamped, addressed envelopes to send letters to friends and family while at camp

Note: Camp Rivercrest is not responsible for damage of any items that are brought to camp (example: dental retainers, guitars, etc.)

Q:What should my child NOT bring to camp?
A:* Cell phone, IPOD or any other electronic devices
* Fireworks, matches, lighters
* Cigarettes, tobacco
* Knives or weapons of any kind
* Bubble gum or sunflower seeds
* Skateboards, bikes, uni-cycles, roller blades, etc.

Note: Camp Rivercrest is not responsible for damage of any items that are brought to camp (example: dental retainers, guitars, etc.)

Lost and found articles

Q:Will my child come home with all of his things?
A:Probably not. Most campers lose at least a few things while at camp! The best way to prevent the disappointment of not returning home with everything is:
1. Do not send ANYTHING valuable to camp! Grandma's handmade quilt, an expensive digital camera, your child's new school shoes, a favorite stuffed animal, should probably stay at home!
2. Send older clothes and shoes-not new ones to camp!
3. Mark EVERYTHING with your camper's first and last name so that your child can identify what is his/hers!
4. Check your child's duffle bag before you leave camp! Often times a beach towel, swim suit, sleeping bag or pillow gets left out and is nearby.
5. Don't expect kids to pack up to leave camp the same way that you packed them to go to camp!

Q:What happens to items that are left behind at camp?
A:PLEASE check the lost and found tables on the last day of camp! We recommend checking your child's baggage BEFORE you leave camp! Often times pillows, back packs, bags of wet or dirty clothes, or sleeping bags are left behind. The only items we do save from each session are bibles, watches, cameras, and wallets or purses.

Every year we literally have hundreds of items left behind that are donated to local charities or disposed of immediately after each session ends.

Camp Rivercrest does not have the ability to search for, wash, store, sort and return items to campers.

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