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Frequently Asked Questions

Summer Camp

Q:What should I bring to camp?
A:You should plan to bring the following items with you to camp:
Bedding - Pillow, pillowcase, sleeping bag (or sheets), maybe a blanket
Clothing and Toiletries - Underwear and socks for whole camping period, jeans, sportswear, sweatshirt or jacket, pajamas, rainwear, 2 pairs of shoes, modest bathing suit (for girls: can be two pieces if it covers the midsection and for boys: no speedo style suits), towels and washcloth, shampoo, soap, comb/brush, toothpaste, and toothbrush. Closed toed shoes and long pants are also needed for horseback riding.
Accessories - Bible, notebook, pen/pencil, flashlight, stationery

Please remember when packing that clothes can and will get dirty as a result of camp activities. Please note that Trailblazer and Day campers may receive an additional list specific for their camp sessions.

Q:What should I not bring to camp?
A:A good rule of thumb is to leave at home anything you don’t want to risk being lost or broken.

Additionally, please do not bring:

– Clothing that is immodest, such as halter tops, bare midriffs, short shorts, spandex shorts, bikini or brief bathing suits, as well as any clothing that has obscene, suggestive, or vulgar language/actions printed on them.

– Cell phones, iPods/mp3 players, CDs/DVDs, audio/video equipment, electronic games, or knives/weapons/fireworks.

Should a camper bring such items to camp, Camp Judson reserves the right to take possession of such items during the camping period, store them in a safe place, and return them to the camper at conclusion of their camping session.

– Food, as it attracts mice and insects into the cabins. If you have special foods that you need to bring, please leave them with our Food Service Staff in the Mack Dining Hall, and make your counselor aware.

– Alcohol and/or illicit drugs are not permitted.

Q:Can I send mail/e-mail to my child?
A:Yes! Campers love to get mail! Please send all mail addressed to:

(Your Camper’s Name – Cabin #)
Camp Judson
398 Holliday Road
North Springfield, PA 16430

You can also drop off mail for the week in the camp office for distribution on the day(s) you designate on the outside of the envelope.

You can also e-mail your child using the same online registration account that you used to register for camp.

Please be aware that they will not be able to access a computer/cell phone to e-mail you during their time at camp.

Mail and e-mail are distributed to campers daily during their store time, which is usually in the evening.

Please do not include distressing news or family problems in your letters/e-mails as these can be upsetting to your child/teen and disrupt their camp experience.

Q:My child/teen takes regular medication and/or has a medical condition.
A:First, please be sure to include all information about your child's medication, medical condition, allergies, and activity restrictions on the health form.

Each week the camp staffs a volunteer health care manager (who is usually a nurse). During check in at the start of the camp session, you will have an opportunity to speak with the health care manager about your child/teen’s medication and needs. All medicines (except for emergency meds – inhalers, insulin, epipens, etc.) are to be left with the nurse to distribute to your child/teen throughout the week.

Please be sure to provide the health care manager with all necessary information about your child/teen’s allergies, chronic conditions, etc. as it will be helpful in ensuring that your child/teen has the best experience possible at Camp Judson. Information will be shared with other camp staff (counselors, cooks, etc.) on an as needed basis.

Q:Why don’t you allow campers to have cell phones?
A:The Christian Camp experience provides campers with a unique opportunity to unplug and engage with God in the midst of a community of fellow campers and our camp staff. In our experience, cell phones and the social media that often come with them are a distraction to campers to disengage from the world and home.

Q:Can my child/teen use the phone to call me? Can I call my child/teen? Can I visit my child?
A:We do not allow campers to use the telephone except in cases of extreme homesickness when we have spoken with their parent/guardian first to check to see that the parent/guardian feels it is in the best interest of their child/teen.

While we can arrange for you to call/visit your child/teen while at camp, we discourage such calls/visits because they usually serve to cause or increase a camper’s homesickness rather than help to ease it.

That said, we are more than willing to accommodate parents who would like to check up on their child by talking to one of our staff members. You can do this by calling our office at (814) 922-3834. We realize that this can ease your anxiety as a parent, and we are happy to do it!

Q:When is check in for my camp session?
A:Registration check in runs from 3:00 – 5:00 PM on the day your camp begins. Campers should not be dropped off early as our staff is unable to supervise them before check in begins.

When you arrive at camp, please park in Mack Dining Hall lot or along the road next to the pavilion. Leave your luggage in your car, and proceed to Shreve Lodge for check in.

Depending on the weather, check in will occur either outside Shreve Lodge or inside the Shreve Lodge lounge (entering from the deck).

Upon checking in there, you will receive your cabin assignment, and be directed by our staff to proceed through health screening, a head check, to the camp store, and to your cabin.

All campers must have a parent, guardian, or other authorized adult with them as they go through the check in process all the way to their cabin.

For campers staying in the Highlands Cabins (#s 5-9), you may leave your luggage at the pavilion to be transported by wagon or truck by our staff.

Campers staying in Corbly 1, Corbly 2, or Cabin 3 can walk their luggage to their cabin.

Please let our staff know if you require assistance with your luggage or if you are unable to walk to your child/teen’s cabin so that we make the necessary arrangements to get you there.

Q:When is my final payment due?
A:Your portion of the camper fee must be paid before you can complete the check in process for your camp session.

If this is not possible, you can make payment arrangements or apply for financial assistance from our Every Kid to Camp scholarship fund. Please contact (814) 922-3834 or e-mail for more information.

We do encourage you to complete payment of your balance before arrival at camp if possible (remember, you can make payments online!), as this greatly speeds the check in process, however, we do accept payments (cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover) during registration check in.

Q:What if we have to change/cancel our registration?
A:If you find that your camper is unable to attend the camp session for which they are registered, you may switch to a different camp session at no cost.

If the registration fee for that session is different than the session your camper was registered for, we will adjust your bill/discounts to fit that camp session.

If you must cancel your registration and it is more than two weeks before your scheduled camp session, one half of your deposit ($40 for full week camps, $20 for half week camps) plus any additional payments you made will be refunded to you.

We are sorry, but we cannot issue refunds without a medical reason if cancellation is made less than two weeks before your scheduled camp session.

Q:What if my church pays a portion of my registration fee?
A:Your church should have received a statement in the mail or through our website showing their portion of your registration fee.

Please check your church to ensure that your name appears on their statement.

Some churches send one check for all their campers at the end of the camping season.

Please do not be concerned about your registration status if your church has not sent payment prior to your camp session.

Q:How does the camp store work?
A:As part of the check in process, you will make a stop in the camp store. You will make a deposit there with the Store Manager in an account for your camper that can be used to purchase snacks, drinks, clothing, and other items throughout the week.

Campers should not have any cash in their possession during the week. A camp group photo will be available for purchase. A sign-up list will be in the store on Sunday at registration time. Money that they do not spend during the week will be refunded to them on the closing day of their camp session.

Q:When do I pick up my child/teen?
A:The pickup time for all camps is 10:00 AM on the closing day of their camp.

Parents should park at the Mack Dining Hall lot or in the grass along the road by the pavilion and proceed to their child/teen’s cabin to sign them out with their counselor.

Luggage for campers staying in Corbly 1, Corbly 2, or Cabin 3 can be picked up from the cabin along with your child/teen; for campers staying in Highlands 5,6,7,8, or 9 luggage will be brought to the pavilion by camp staff.

Campers will not be released to individuals other than parents/guardians without written permission that is signed by a parent.

***Please let the camp office know if there are custody or guardianship issues that we need to be aware of.

Q:My child lost something at camp.
A:As campers regularly leave things behind all over camp, we are always collecting them!

As a parent, it might be to your advantage to check in your camper’s luggage before you leave camp. All items not claimed during a week of camp are organized by week and kept at camp until Labor Day.

After Labor Day, any unclaimed items become property of the camp and are donated to local charities.

If you discover your child/teen lost/left something at camp, please call us and we will take a look through our lost and found. Items that we are able to locate can be picked up at camp or mailed to you at your expense.

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