Frequently Asked Questions


Q:Does my child's medication form need to be signed by the doctor if he/she is not on medication
A:A doctor's signature and stamp are only required if the camper WILL be taking medication while at camp. The parent's signature is required with or without medication.

Q:How should I send my child's medication to camp?
A:All medication should be in its original container with the dosage visible. Place all medication in a ziplock bad with your child's name on it. It will be collected at the bus departure before your child gets on the bus so don't put it at the bottom of the suitcase!

Q:My child has asthma, will he/she be able to have their asthma pump?
A:Yes, the camp nurse will make sure campers have their pumps during high activities such as mountain hikes. Campers will be responsible for bringing their pump back to the nurse after the activity.

Phone Calls

Q:Can I call Camp Olmsted to check on my child?
A:Yes, but you may not have the opportunity to talk to them. Campers are busy doing activities and won't be near a phone. The staff are able to update you on your child's experience. Be careful of becoming a "helicopter parent" that calls everyday!

Q:Can my child bring his/her cell phone?
A:No, cell phones are not permitted at camp. Campers that bring cell phones are required to give them to the directors to place in the safe. They will be returned at camp departure.

Q:How will I know if my child is homesick or not having a good time?
A:The camp directors will call parents if a camper is homesick or having a difficult time at camp. Sometimes just hearing a familiar voice eases the anxiety or softens hard behaviors. If you don't receive a call at all assume "no news is good news".

Q:Will I be notified if my child gets sick or hurt?
A:Yes, the camp nurse or directors will call parents and/or the emergency contact in the event a camper is taken to the doctor.

Q:Will my child be able to call me?
A:Yes, campers will have a chance during the session to call home to assure parents that they are ok (or need more socks).

Registration Forms

Q:What other documents do I need to submit to complete my child's registration?
A:You will need to submit a copy of your child's birth certificate, Social Security card and health insurance card. A copy of the child's passport will be accepted in place of the birth certificate and SS card.

Q:When are my registration forms due?
A:All camper registration forms are due via online registration and/or hard copy no later than the Saturday before the session starts. Campers who have incomplete registration forms will not be permitted to attend.


Q:What do I need to apply for a scholarship
A:To apply for a scholarship you are required to submit the scholarship application; a copy of you 1040 tax form; W-2; and 3 recent pay stubs. Also accepted are an unemployment statement; SSI award statement; and/or a public assistance budget letter.

Q:When are scholarship applications due?
A:Scholarship applications are accepted on a rolling basis.


Q:Can I drive my child to Camp Olmsted on the first day of camp?
A:Yes, you'll need to notify the camp registrar that you will be bringing you child to camp. All campers that are arriving separately should arrive by 9am.

Q:What time does the bus depart?
A:All campers should be at the bus by 8am on the day of departure. You will need to check in and get tags for all bags.

Q:What time will my child return from camp?
A:The bus will return to 2185 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd (Salem House) between 129th & 130th Street at 10:30am. Parents/Guardians are required to sign their camper out before departing with children.

Q:Where does the bus depart from?
A:On the day of departure the bus will depart from 2185 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd (Salem House) between 129th & 130th Street. Check-In begins at 8am. The bus will depart promptly at 9am. If you are late you will be responsible for getting your child to camp.


Q:Can I take a tour of Camp Olmsted before I register my child
A:Yes, tours are available by appointment only. Call (845)534-7900 ext. 11 to arrange an appointment.

Q:Can I visit my child while he/she is at Camp Olmsted
A:No. Visiting is not permitted. Camp is a time for your child to be independent. Campers tend to become homesick when their family leaves. We encourage parents and campers write to each other. Besides, each session is only 12 days. Before you know it, it's time to come home!