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- Allergies, Epi-Pens, and Dietary/Food Restrictions
Tell us all about your campers Allergies, Epi-Pens, and Dietary/Food Restrictions.
- Camper Info - Getting to Know your Camper 2019
Tell us a little more about what makes your camper tick. What excites them? What are they nervous about? Why do you want them to come to camp?
- Family Insurance Information
- Medical, Immunizations and Ability to Participate
Medications, medical history, immunizations, and healthcare provider information. This one is a doozy.
- T-Shirt Size
Tell us you campers T-Shirt size
Day Camp Only
- Day Camp Codeword
Overnight Camp Only
- Bunking Preference
Let us know if you'd like your child to stay in a boys bunk, girls bunk, or a gender-inclusive bunk.
- Carpool, Travel, Flight, and Gear Survey
How are you getting to camp? Are you flying? Do you have an extra seat in your car for a carpool? So many logistics in just one form.
The Waiver
- Liability Waiver and Media Release V2
Discusses the activities at camp, the inherent dangers of using power tools, and our camps commitment to public facing documentation.

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