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2019 BSD-Medical
2019 Summer Discovery Waiver
General Camp Waiver
2019 Summer Discovery Waiver- NO PHOTO
General Camp Waiver- This version of the waiver, does not give Baker Summer Discovery Camp Permission to use photographs for camper.
Health Alert Info
Permission to Self Check-out after ASAs
Students (3rd Grade and up) with a permission slip indicating 'Yes' will be able to check themselves out at the end of their ASA in order to get picked-up in the carpool lane.
BSD 2019
Additional Information Required
If you select yes to either medical questions please complete the corresponding Camp Form.
Fun Friday Lunch Selection
On Fridays your camper will receive a Fun Friday lunch. All lunches include, 2 sides (chips and fruit cup), dessert (oreos), and a drink. *No lunch Week 3 due to the short week
Full Day PLA
PLA- Lunch 10/25
PLA- Lunch and Allergies 3/15
PLA- Lunch and Allergies 4/29
PLA- Lunch and Allergies 9/27
PLA- Movie Permission Slip 10/25
PLA- Movie Permission Slip 3/15
PLA- Movie Permission Slip 4/29
PLA- Movie Permission Slip 9/27
Health Alert
PLA Agreement
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