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Captial Projects

There are always projects to do at camp, but some are a little larger and may cost more. Here are some of our current campaign projects in which we could use your help.

Camp Roads Seal Coat

The local township has offered to extend their reduced cost for seal coating roads to camp. So at a third of the cost ($1.23/sq yd) we can have the majority of our roads done for an estimated $28,000. The price comes out to about $25 per parking spot for small cars, $40 for SUVs, and $100 for RVs. Please consider helping at one of these levels to help us maintain the camp roads, which are overdue for maintenance.


Main Office Addition

Camp is growing. We've recently added more camper and volunteer space, and in order to serve more campers we are needing more staff, and thus more office space. The addition of office space to the main office will allow us to better serve our campers, guest groups, and school groups throughout the year.

Unspecified Gift

If you'd like to give a capital projects gift and would like us to place it were most needed please choose this option.

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