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It is our goal to make your purchase decision simple and avoid any surprises from "hidden" fees. To that end, a list of all fees associated with UltraCamp's service is listed below. The costs can be divided into three categories: subscription fees, payment processing and add-on items.

Subscription Fees
UltraCamp is a pay-as-you-go service that provides a comprehensive package of features for an amazingly affordable price. Because every organization is unique, UltraCamp offers three different subscription fees pricing models.

Option 1: Per reservation

Per reservation is the most common pricing scenario. A fee is charge for each reservation processed through UltraCamp. The per reservation cost is based on the estimated total number of reservations processed annually.
Annual reservations Cost
0 - 999 $4.00 / reservation
1000-1999 $3.75 / reservation
2000 + Option 3 below is recommended

Option 2: Per individual

For organizations where it is common for a single individual to create multiple reservations for multiple events in a year, a per individual rate of $6 / individual / year is available.

Option 3: Annual Contract

Organizations with more than 2000 reservations per year or those with unique structures will often benefit for a simple annual contract. Please contact an UltraCamp team member to discuss this option.

Please note. For all options, there is a one-time setup fee of $299 and an annual minimum of $1200 in subscription fees per year.

Payment Processing Fees
UltraCamp can process online payments by credit card or electronic check. For security reasons, these monies are transferred directly from the payment processor to your bank account and do not pass through UltraCamp. The fees for these transactions, while many are billed through UltraCamp, they are simply pass through fees. They are the real cost of processing without markup.

Electronic Checks

Electronic checks work just like a paper check. Your client fills out a form with their banking information and submits it online. There is a $5 monthly fee, a $0.50 transaction fee plus 1% of the amount charged.

Credit Cards

You have two different options for accepting credit cards:

Use existing merchant account - If you already accept credit cards at your organization, we may be able to set you up with an online gateway that will allow your merchant account to interface with our system. Rates are be determined by your current merchant account provider.

Use a new merchant account - We'll walk you through the process of setting up your own merchant account. Rates are 25 basis points over cost plus a $0.35 transaction fee. Because the cost for each type of card is different, the average discount rate balances out to approximately 2.25%. There are no monthly minimums.

A $20 / month gateway fee applies to either option. The gateway is the required service allowing UltraCamp to connect to your merchant account. UltraCamp integrates with Network Merchants for this service.

Add-on Item Fees
Item Cost
Retreat / Conference center management $700 / annually
Point-of-sale software $600 / annually
E-fax processing $0.15 / page
Phone Broadcasting $0.10 / call
Bulk SMS Texting $0.10 / text
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