Camp Westminster
Kirtland Warbler Tour
6/2/2017 - 6/4/2017
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Truly a unique bird, the Kirtland’s Warblers is a bird that Darwin would marvel at. It nests only in the Jack Pine forest of Northern Michigan for a few months before migrating down to the Bahamas. However, this bird requires a very specific habitat: it only nests under young Jack Pine saplings.

So come to Westminster on Higgins Lake to see this endangered petite bird in some of its last remaining habitats. Participate in the efforts to create the proper habitat for the Kirtland’s Warbler as we plant new Jack Pine trees. Tour the great north of Michigan and learn about God’s intricate creation and what we are doing to preserve it.
17567 Hubbell Ave. • Detroit • MI • 48235 • (313) 341-8969
- U.S. Dollars