Pilgrim Center
Shift: A Musical Summit - PC
7/25/2012 3:00 PM - 7/28/2012 10:00 AM
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Across the country progressive Christians are finding each other, forming coalitions, and starting new churches. It’s an important
historical moment, and it needs a solid soundtrack! Four nationally recognized church musicians, whose music is known for its contemporary style and progressive themes, have come together to organize this distinctive event. This musical summit is a call to
anyone involved in music for worship in progressive churches: band musicians, lyricists, songwriters, pastors, choir directors, lay leaders and seminarians. We need you: your gifts, your passion, and your ideas for networking, songwriting, and powerful, transformative worship!

During our time together, we’ll consider the following questions: What are some of the marks of progressive Christian music? How do we select and use music well? How do we overcome resistance to
change, and defibrillate worship when it flatlines? And what are the heart-habits needed for all those connected to music ministry in a progressive worship context?

Reading sessions will explore great new songs for worship. Workshops will provide tools for writers, musicians, and all those connected to music ministry. There will be time to collaborate, and
to establish relationships for future collaborations. We will be intentional about making time for individual reflection in the beautiful setting of the brand new chapel overlooking Green Lake at Pilgrim Center. And, of course, there are trails, the shore, a labyrinth in the woods and many other places to encounter God in nature.

We will join in daily worship, sharing traditional elements as well as exploring new approaches. Each evening will feature a concert by our keynoters, or an open-mic opportunity for retreat participants. After
hours activities will include informal gatherings for song swapping, sharing stories, and supporting each other in this important work.

This retreat is all about the music. It’s for all those who are passionate about progressive Christian worship, and want the movement to sing. Come lend your voice… or your guitar or any other instrument
you play!
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