Pilgrim Center
Scrapbooking Retreat - PC
5/04/2012 7:00 PM - 5/06/2012 2:00 PM
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Our lives are filled with blessings of family, friends, and experiences that bring back warm memories of days gone by. We have pictures
all over our homes that remind us of some of these people and events, but so often these pictures are stuffed in a drawer or a box in the attic, and the memories that these pictures fondly evoke are all but forgotten.

Well, dig through all of those boxes and drawers and bring these snapshots of your life to the Scrapbooking Retreat!

Whether you are an experienced “scrapbooker” or if this is your first time, this weekend is rich with fellowship, sharing, support, and
“how to” information. If you are experienced bring your equipment and pictures for a new scrapbook — and bring past scrapbooks to
share. If this is your first time we’ll have equipment here to get you started on your first book of memories.

Scrapbooking naturally lends itself to recalling memories, people, and the blessings of our lives. During our evening vespers we’ll reflect
and share some of the blessings of our lives, and we’ll leave the weekend with yet another wonderful memory — and a new scrapbook!
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